Manchester United off to a flying start

Swansea were beaten 4-1 at home by Manchester United, the defending champions got off to a flying start and it was the usual suspect in Robin van Persie who did the damage. The striker scored a brace for United, Welbeck also netted a brace for the away team.

Bony scored the only goal for Swansea City, it was a good goal from close range.

David Moyes said before the game that he was more than ready for the start of the new season.

“I am looking forward to the start and I am relatively confident because of the players I have.

“I have got a group that did very well last year and I don’t see any reason why that won’t continue.

“But yes, I have found that it is different. I found that on tour when you realise just how enormous this club is.

“I was always aware of that but I am even more aware of it now that I have taken and started the job.

“I don’t think it changes your mindset because my job is to win, but my job at Everton was to win.

“With 15 minutes to go at Everton, I was trying to win, there is no doubt about that.

“But yes you are right – United have to win. That’s why there is a Government health warning that comes with this job. There is an expectancy and that is to try and win.”

“Obviously I am aware of the job – and the job is to continue the success of the club.

“Sitting in the chair for the first time felt odd. I did it myself with nobody looking. I thought I would have to see how it feels in case anybody thought I looked stupid.

“I still go into the office and feel Sir Alex is still here and he will be. I went to see him at home the other day. He was great. He is recovering from his hip operation.

“I will use him for advice. He will be a great mentor. I am looking forward to speaking with him.

“I have probably had half a dozen conversations with him already. It is going to be very hard for anybody to get close to his achievements.

“But I have worked hard to get to this position. I worked hard at Preston. I worked hard at Everton and I am going to work hard to maintain Manchester United at the top of the league.

“I don’t think I have gone there for any advice. I have gone there and said, ‘This is how things are going, what are you thinking?’

“He is going to be someone who is around. I want him to be around.

“I have to take over from someone who, well, I will not be better than him. It will not get better than Sir Alex Ferguson. It just won’t.

“But what has to happen is the club has to keep moving forward and progressing.

“Yes, there have to be changes at times, but I do think that I am ready for the job.

“I am a rookie at Manchester United, but I am not a rookie overall.

“The previous manager has left things in place that are really important and the most important and impressive thing he has left is the winning mentality.

“They have won and league and now it’s, ‘Let’s win the next one’.”